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Newsletter 5 October 2021

Workshop Agroforestry: how can we implement this land-use system in Mauritius?

Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees and shrubs into crop and animal farming systems, aiming to achieve a more ecologically diverse and socially productive output from the land than is possible through conventional agriculture.

Several Infrastructure Partners in Regeneration Mauritius have shown interest in learning more about Agroforestry and, in particular, how this land-use system can be implemented in Mauritius.

Regeneration Mauritius wishes to fuel this interest by organising an arena around agroforestry, starting with two workshops in the coming months: Thursday 14 October and Thursday 18 November 2021.

We will hear from national and international experts, look into some of the initiatives that are already underway and most importantly, explore possible pilot projects and initiatives in Mauritius.

During the first workshop on October 14th, we will seek to:

  • learn more about the opportunities of agroforestry in a Mauritian context

  • explore interest from key players to engage in collective projects to develop, test and demonstrate solutions within Agroforestry in Mauritius

  • get input on a potential ambitious goal for agroforestry in Mauritius.

The workshop is relevant for:

  • Smallholder farmers

  • Land owners

  • Agripreneurs

  • Academia

  • Policy makers

  • Funding agencies (AFD, FAO, UNDP, key embassies)

The event is free. To register fill out the registration form.

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Newsletter 15 March, 2021

The journey continues! A big thank you to everyone who attended our third open event at Ferney Falaise Rouge on March 5th. It was great to hear from Jean Marc at Ferney Agri-Hub, and Corine and Bradley, two of the agripreneurs there. We loved the discussions that followed the presentations and are more confident than ever that Regeneration Mauritius can bring value to us all.

For many of you who reside in Mauritius the current national lock down is undoubtedly challenging. Let us hope we can meet physically again soon.

In the meantime we have decided to host an open online event on March 24th at 2pm (Mauritian time, GMT+4). Please help us spread the word and feel free to invite people in your network (including diaspora). Please see below for more information.

In April we are aiming to open a formal application procedure for those of you who are ready to join Regeneration Mauritius as partners. In the weeks ahead we are using input and feedback from the open events and numerous meetings to create a robust and transparent governance structure, that will be presented as part of this procedure.

Newsletter 2 March, 2021

Thanks to people like you, who are ready to create better and more sustainable foods systems, Regeneration Mauritius is gathering speed.

Our second event at the Hive, Pierrefonds delivered a set of fresh insights and inputs, and numerous meetings, e-mails and phone calls from a diverse group of people are telling us that we are moving in the right direction.

The core working group is doing its best to keep up with everything, but must admit that there are a few e-mails with ideas and input that we have not been able to respond to yet. We are therefore very glad to see that many of you are "applying" to become part of the volunteer group. We will in the coming days reach out to this group and ask for help on a series of tasks.

Newsletter 22 February, 2021

Last week 25 of you attended our first “Regenerators unite!” event at Farmcity. We were truly touched to see participants from all corners of the island; many of you travelled for 1+ hours to listen and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Their presence and valuable input truly made our day and confirmed that together we can turn Regeneration Mauritius into a vehicle of change and impact.

As you know, “we” are a small group of people from different sectors and backgrounds, who have come together to take part in building Regeneration Mauritius. However, we believe that we will only succeed if the collective grows and many more people will join us.

As such, during the coming weeks we will continue to organise a series of open events to present our ideas, and receive feedback for our 2021/2020 strategy and action plan.

For those of you who joined us last week, we say thank you and we hope to see you at the coming events as well.