Our Manifesto

Making Mauritius a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems

We, Regenerators, are setting out on a journey to demonstrate how people and organisations from all walks of life, can come together to inspire and lead the transformation towards a regenerative society.

  1. We believe that food sovereignty, specifically its aspect of food and nutrition security through more sustainable food systems, is a core challenge to communities and countries across the globe.

  1. We believe that many of the conventional existing food systems have reached their limit and are susceptible to harm the natural systems they rely on, with serious consequences to our health, environment and therefore ultimately our economy.

  1. We believe in the necessity to develop solutions for more sustainable food systems, which includes availability, access, stability and the way food is consumed.

  1. We believe Mauritius can lead the way and become a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems, that welcomes changemakers from all communities and backgrounds.

  1. We believe in an open and transparent platform where people and organisations can join as equals and where the focus will be on building trust and collaboration.

  1. We believe it is important to make agriculture an attractive industry to our youth by improving agriculture’s image and creating awareness of the opportunities through innovation and smart use of ICT.

  1. We will inspire by cultivating awareness of existing initiatives, solutions and knowledge.

  1. We will work towards the creation, testing and scaling of sustainable, innovative and transformational food system solutions.

  1. We will seek collaboration and work together with other stakeholders who have a similar objective.

If you agree to and support this manifesto we invite you to become an official signee

List of current signees