Frequently asked questions

How is Regeneration Mauritius funded?

We will initially seek funding from national and international funding schemes and foundations. The currents partners have also committed in kind contributions.

Who owns Regeneration Mauritius?

Regeneration Mauritius is for the common good, and will benefit everyone. The initiative is currently organised as a collaborative project, jointly managed by its partners.

Can anyone join Regeneration Mauritius?

Yes. Regeneration Mauritius is a partnership open to everyone, whether you are based in Mauritius or elsewhere.

What is expected of me should I join Regeneration Mauritius as a partner?

As a partner you must be committed to work collectively on our goal to drive innovation and development of sustainable food systems, by actively contributing in talent, technology and/or capital.

Is there any cost involved to becoming a partner in Regeneration Mauritius?

At the moment we only expect contributions in kind from partners. This might however change when the initiative gains momentum. This will then be a decision made by the partners.

Who benefits from Regeneration Mauritius?

Everyone will benefit from the setting up of an efficient ecosystem around food innovation: Farmers, small planters, distributors, wholesellers and retailers, as well as corporates, investors and lenders. However, the more involved you are in the ecosystem the greater benefits you are able to retrieve.

What will be the measures of success?

Each partner and participant in Regeneration Mauritius has their own objectives and KPIs depending on the nature of their initiative.

As a collective we will measure: the number of projects and jobs created, the number of involved stakeholders per sector/area, the amount of investment and debt committed, the numbers of programs and workshops completed.