A partnership for people, communities and companies who aim to make Mauritius a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems.


To inspire the world by building and leveraging Mauritius as a thriving platform for innovation towards a regenerative food system.



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The Challenge

The Covid-19 crisis has increased awareness of the need for food security. By inspiring creativity, engaging the community, and supporting impactful projects around new and transformational solutions, we can improve the food industry, create jobs and work towards the overall betterment of society.

Our Solution

Build a collaborative platform and ecosystem where people, communities and companies are enabled to create, test and scale sustainable, innovative and transformational foodtech and food system solutions.

Key activities

Build and manage effective and action oriented network of people who are motivated to innovate

Provide easy access to knowledge, expertise and resources

Ignite experiments and projects

Why Mauritius?

Robust democracy and political stability

Large pool of existing talent 

Bilingual skills

Strong private and financial sector

A positive position in the region 

High tertiary education 

Ability to attract people