Infrastructure Partners


To join as Infrastructure Partner, you simply fill out this form

Before applying we invite you to go through the following documents and please contact us should you have questions or want more information:


If you are new to Regeneration Mauritius we recommend you watch the recording our event for Infrastructure Partners (May 28th, 2021)

NOTE: the video jumps straight into the address of Prof. Dhanjay Jhurry, Vice-chancellor of University of Mauritius, part of the "Welcome".

00:00 Welcome

07:20 Why do we need to change our food systems?

16:40 The ambition of Regeneration Mauritius

27:48 A word from partners who have already joined

37:05 Benefits of joining and how to join

39:45 Questions & Answers


  • Access to and leverage of opportunities in regenerating our food system (land and ocean)

  • Access to digital collaboration platform and exclusive events for your employees

  • Increased efficiency in building a more innovative and future proof organisation

  • Concrete and reportable action on becoming more sustainable as a business

  • Legacy as an organisation that helped build Mauritius as a front-runner nation in food system change


The need for more sustainable food systems is abundantly clear to all. Through the multiple events and meetings in 2021 it is also clear that many believe we have the skills, knowledge and resources to do something about it in Mauritius. Furthermore, we believe Mauritius could be the central point in the region where innovative solutions are incepted, making our nation the front runner on the road towards successful transformation of food systems.

We invite your organisation to be part of this exceptional endeavour! By joining Regeneration Mauritius as an infrastructure partner your organisation will be laying the first bricks of an open innovation platform to spur food system change in Mauritius and beyond. A platform that connects and enables changemakers, knowledge, talent and capital in a completely new way.

As our food system is complex we need to collaborate and build partnerships if we are to improve it. Regeneration Mauritius is therefore being launched as a common infrastructure where this can happens. An infrastructure were all kinds of organisations, small and large organisations, public and private, non-profit and for-profit, academics and practitioners, can connect as equals to learn, share and co-create solutions that benefits everyone.

Regeneration Mauritus will bring value to every organisation who are ready to engage.