A partnership for people, communities and companies who aim to make Mauritius a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems


To drive innovation and development of sustainable food systems by connecting talent, technology and capital


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The Challenge

The Covid-19 crisis has increased awareness of the need for food security. By inspiring creativity, engaging the community, and supporting impactful projects around new and transformational solutions, we can improve the food industry, create jobs and work towards the overall betterment of society.

Our Solutions

Build a collaborative platform and ecosystem where people, communities and companies are enabled to create, test and scale sustainable, innovative and transformational foodtech and food system solutions.


Make Mauritius a front-runner in the transition to sustainable societies.

Build a regional hub for technology driven and sustainable food systems.

Grow entrepreneurial skills among local communities and students.

Foster innovative solutions that will increase food security.

Establish a platform for job creation.

Key activities

  • Seminars, workshop and international conferences.

  • Accelerators programs.

  • Open platform for participation.

  • Working with schools and universities.

  • Investor events and impact investing training programs.

Why Mauritius?

  • Robust democracy and political stability

  • Large pool of existing talent

  • Bilingual skills

  • Strong private and financial sector

  • A positive position in the region

  • High tertiary education

  • Ability to attract people


The Agripreneurs’ Hub by Farmcity support local entrepreneurs in their journey to start and grow agri ideas. Farmcity’s support includes dedicated space for the agripreneur at the Learning Farm, in addition to a tailored mentorship program. Agripreneurs also benefit from increased exposure through Farmcity’s social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The Agripreneurs’ Hub offers aspiring agripreneurs a chance to test their idea on a small scale, in a collaborative space, with like-minded agripreneurs.

The Ferney Agri-Hub is an integrated and conducive agri-tech environment whose objective is to nurture sustainable agricultural practices. Home to fertile land, abundant water resources and a unique biodiversity, the Ferney Agri-Hub hosts both Agri-Entrepreneurs and large scale business operators, with the aim of creating the optimal conditions for the sharing of knowledge and resources.

For Agri-entrepreneurs specifically, the Ferney Agri-Hub provides 20Ha of dedicated land, with access to water and electricity whilst facilitating access to shared services and co-working spaces.

AgriTECH Park

The AgriTech Park will focus on developing smart agriculture, biotech, and food security. 21 acres of land next to the University of Mauritius campus will be developed in close collaboration with the private sector, encouraging them to invest in the Park and promote research, innovation and entrepreneurial startups.

The AgriTech Park will be a valuable addition in the national food system ecosystem, inspiring students to become future agripreneurs.


We invite individuals, communities and companies to join us.

If you have questions, comments or are interest in being involved in building Regeneration Mauritius, please contact thomas(at)


Together we will build infrastructure, where people, communities and companies are enabled to create, test and scale sustainable, innovative and transformational solutions.